Monday, March 14, 2011

Cleaning the Coop

Today was one of those days.  I set out to accomplish 2 things and that's about all I got done.  The Missions: Catch up on schoolwork and thoroughly clean the chicken coop.  We had a couple flu bugs go through the house for about a month and got a little behind on school and with all the coryza issues, I wanted to get everything in the coop cleaned out and disinfected .  We started with school in the morning, doing our Bible study first (as usual) so that we don't run out of time for the most important things and then catching up on Math, Grammar, Spelling, Science and History.  It was 11:30am by the time I made it outside.  I went to work on the coop but two ornery little kids (goat) decided that they just HAD to be in there with me, though the second I walked out they couldn't care less!  I finally got side one of the coop shoveled out, hosed down with GSE  (you know how I love that stuff) and fresh straw laid and went to work on the 2nd half but of course, someone was in there laying.  So I started shoveling and by the time I was ready to start hosing down, the first chicken was out but another had come in and she lays right out in the open.  Now I was on "egg delay".  Long story short, I finally got done but it was after 5:30pm!  The kids were outside with me most of the afternoon, thanks entirely to my new rule, "If Mom's outside, everyone is outside."  That rule has been a big help with keeping the house fairly straight while I'm doing outside chores.  It also helps keep my kids outdoors instead of wasting time in front of a TV or computer screen.  I'm convinced this is going to save me money on eye glasses!  While I'm on the subject of rules, my other new rule is "If you can do it yourself, don't ask Mom to do it."  I'm lovin' this rule!  So, it's the end of the day, the new baby is spending his first night out in the goat house and I'm just a little nervous.  Big Brother Nat has been a bit of a bully but Po has been a bit protective, even stepping in between Nat and Simon at one time when Nat was head butting him in the side.  Po rubs heads with baby ever so gently while Nat goes at him full force.  I'm sure he'll be fine but it's always hard letting the babies grow up.  Anyways, as far as today goes, even if I got nothing else done, at least it was "Missions Accomplished"!
Simon says, "Ma, where were you?"
The Boys on the Porch

"Try this Po.  It's so much softer than your head!"

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