Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coryza Update

Just wanted to post a picture of my latest patient, our Silky, Aretha.  In the picture to the left, she is not doing so well.  She had stopped eating but was always very alert (my other chicken, Nancy Sinatra, was completely out of it, never even opening her eyes).  As soon as she would not accept food, we began with the almond milk/drench mixture.  I have not been staying on top of her treatment so she has taken a little longer to get better, but today she was out in the yard, freaking out because her man, Franklin, was on the other side of the fence and she couldn't get to him.

I don't know if you can tell in the picture above, but her face is still swollen.  However, she is not gurgling anymore and she is acting completely normal (she attacked the dog and 2 goats).  We will still bring her in and keep her in her tub at night for a few more days and keep her separated from the rest of the flock until she is symptom free for a couple days.  


Kathy said...

i love your blog by the way
I have a few chicken that are sick and i have a total of 30. so far i've seen 3 that are ill and 5 have died. i don't have that many tubs to seperate them in, what else can i do? what if they all get sick can they still be together or do i have to seperate each of them? thanks for your recipes

EarthMama said...


Thanks! I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Been there! If you can't separate the sick ones, or if you have more sick than not, I would just start dosing with the grapefruit seed extract. When this all began, I had 3 sick chickens in tubs on my back porch. It was wearing me out taking care of them and then four more ended up sick. I just didn't have the space or energy to bring all those chickens in so I just kept them all locked in the coop together and would go out and give them big doses of silver a couple times a day. Now I would probably just do the grapefruit seed extract. If they are still drinking, just dose their water with it heavily. I do 2 dropperfuls/gallon when well so for sick I would probably do 4 or 6 dropperfuls. I have stuck the GSE straight into a chickens mouth and he didn't die! Actually he was better the next day. Definitely get the GSE going and if you have time and have it on hand, alternate with the silver. Keep me posted on how they are doing.