Thursday, March 3, 2011

Earthmama...on kids and chickens

Well, here I am. I've been writing and rewriting this blog for several months now but finally, with a little push from my goat-mentor, Casey of Jeremiah Farm, ( I have decided to just do it. I couldn't decide if I wanted to talk about kids, homeschooling, natural medicine, organic foods or chickens so I'll just talk about it all and throw goats into the mix as well.

We are a family of 6, 2 adults and 4 kids.  We have 3 dogs, an 8yr old chocolate Lab, a 3yr old Pom Mix and a 13 yr old Yorkie.  We also have 2 cats, 14 chickens (3 of which are roosters!!!) and 3 goats.  The goats are a recent addition to our family as of late January.  Everything went fine for the first week or two and then we started having some problems with bloating.  One of the babies ended up dying but then things calmed down and the other 2 were doing well.  A few weeks later, they stopped taking their bottles again and this time it turned out to be parasites.  A 3-day course of dewormer and they were back on track. Things have slowed down and everyone seems to be doing pretty good. After a little browsing at the FiasCo Farm website ( and several others, I decided to incorporate my experience (note experience, not expertise) with natural medicine into my goat care. The boys, Po and Nat,  have been on an immune tincture (find the recipe on the My Recipes page) that we make and use ourselves along with probiotics, and kelp. I started Simon, the new baby, on probiotics yesterday and hopefully this will help him to have a healthy and uneventful kidhood!

On another note, I am dealing with coryza in my chickens. Bought a new batch of chickens who were a couple months old (NEVER do this!!!), waited a couple weeks then introduced them in with my exisiting chickens (6 Rhode Island Reds and Black Stars) and sure enough, one of the new chickens began showing symptoms of an illness. I immediately separated her from the flock but it was too late. The most obvious symptom of coryza is the smell. Believe me, you never want to smell that smell. Anyways, long story short, I have lost one of my RI Red hens to it but have kept everyone else alive so far with the use of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) in their water and some additions to their diet (green tea, anyone?)  We just put 1 dropperful of GSE in their 1 gallon water container daily.  We have even used it to help prevent illness in us and it really seems to help.  For chickens with an active infection, I dosed them with colloidial silver in addition to the GSE.  For very sick chickens who were no longer eating, I forced down a few dropperfuls of store brand Ensure or almond milk along with my homemade nutri-drench (hemp oil, molasses, kelp and bee pollen) a few times a day.  By day 3,  my most recent sick chicken, Nancy Sinatra, was out and about and feeling much better.  I did not do this with Autumn, the RI Red, and she died on day 4. 

Simon, our newest baby

Well, that's probably enough for today.  Enjoy the pictures of our kids...aren't they just the cutest?


Casey said...

Hey Candy, love your blog, thanks for the mention. I'm so glad you joined me on the goat journey and that we can walk this trail together. I'm still waiting for the last batch of photos, hoping they turned out as awesome as the last batch.


EarthMama said...

Thanks! It has definitely been an adventure. I'll get to the pics soon...been crazy busy.

zanny said...

Hi candy, do you happen to know the sliver you buy on iherb can it be used in humans that have MRSA, is it safe, there has been reports that people turn blue, but I really want to kil this infection, let me know what are your thoughts.

EarthMama said...

Hi Zanny,

Yes, the silver from Iherb is safe for humans. In fact, we have used it for MRSA. Another effective treatment is grapefruit seed extract, which can be purchased in ointment form through Iherb. We use silver regularly and have never had anyone turn blue. I've researched it extensively and what I've found it that reports of people turning blue have occurred from people taking massive doses of silver that they processed themselves. The normal dosage is 1 tsp and we have taken this several times a day until the symptoms cease. We don't however take large doses or take it for extended periods of time, though we did take it twice a day for 3 months through one winter and noone got sick or turned blue! Hope this helps.