Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MMS bath for chicken injuries

Aretha, our little black Silkie, with Dusty, our Comet
A few weeks ago we decided to head out for a little stroll in our woods.  As we started up our little path, we just happened to see our little black Silkie, Aretha, hiding under a fallen tree.  My son went to pick her up and immediately noticed a horrible smell.  Upon further examination, we noticed that she had two major wounds on each side of her back that had began to rot.  I prepared the kids for the worst (she's a favorite around here) and headed inside with her.  We ran her a warm bath, activated 30 drops of MMS, mixed it with her bath water and began pouring the warm MMS water over her wounds.  She was still quite spunky, which was a good sign, but enjoyed her warm soak.  After examining the wounds, we believe they came from one of our young roosters attempting to mate her and due to their large size and her small size, their claws just basically ripped her flesh off.  All the roosters are separated now so this won't be happening again as we have 3 little Silkie ladies on the premises now (2 are actually 1/2 Silkie, 1/2 Rhode Island Red, if you can imagine that combo, but they are tiny like Aretha).  Back to the story, we took her out bundled her in a towel and held her by the fire to warm her up.  We also fed her some warm oatmeal with a little fruit mixed in.  She gobbled it up.  We gave her a dose of colloidal silver internally and put her in a tub.  She stayed inside for 3 days and was more than ready to get back outside by the time we put her out.  Based on the way she smelled, we were really surprised that she recovered so quickly.  We honestly thought we were going to lose her but are sure glad we didn't!

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