Sunday, March 13, 2011

Castor Oil For Hematomas

A few years ago, I awoke one Saturday morning and went to go let our Lab, Koda, outside.  We have a laundry room off of our garage and he gets to sleep in there.  He was shaking his head constantly and upon examination, one of his ears was about 1/2 thick or more and squooshy.  We immediately called the vet, not sure what was going on.  They informed us that, without a doubt, he had an aural hematoma or ear hematoma.  Possibly from shaking his head around (he's constantly jumping in the pond and then shaking off), he had hit something and injured his ear, causing it to fill up with blood.  We were ready to throw him in the truck and do whatever to get him fixed up.  Unfortunately, they also informed us that they did not have an anesthesiologist in on Saturdays and that the surgery to fix this required the dog be put under.  They place a drain in the ear to drain the blood and then it later has to be removed.  According to them, if this is not done, it may heal on its own but the dog's ear will be extremely disfigured, like someone ran a thread through it and then pulled the thread tight.  We were supposed to wait until Monday and bring him in, or I guess we could have also opted for the ER vet.  Well, I had my Castor oil with a little lavender oil mixed in, remembered it was good for bruises because it dispersed the blood, so we gave that a try.  3 times a day, my husband rubbed his ear with it, rubbing and massaging.  We noticed improvement right away but by the third day, his ear looked completely normal and he was acting completely normal.  I later took him in for his annual visit and the vet could not believe it.  She said he must not have had a hematoma because there is no way his ear looked like that without having been drained.  (She also told me straight up that she does not believe in natural medicine because she only believes in things for which she's seen proof.  Yet she saw proof and denied it.)  As you can imagine, I was thrilled that once again, natural medicine had done something to shock and amaze a practitioner of modern medicine.  This had happened to me before with my son, but that's another story.  Next I'll tell you about castor oil vs. the ant bite, and I'm not talking about your average ant bite either.

Koda with 2 perfectly normal and beautiful ears!


Yvonne Berg said...


Did you also wrap his head, or did you leave the ears free between massages ?

Our Ridgeback has a large hematoma, and we have had it drained twice,and then his head has been wrapped to keep pressure on the ear, but it keeps filling up, so now I'd like to try your method.

EarthMama said...

Since there was no blood externally, we did not wrap or cover the ear in anyway. We kept him in a quiet environment so he could not do more damage before the ear had time to heal and massaged it with the oils. I hope it works as well for your baby as it did for ours! Since this is a recurring issue, I would also supplement with vitamins C and E to encourage healing. Usual dosage for 150lb person:

Vitamin E: 400 IU.
Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg 3 times a day

For a 75lb dog, use half, for a 50lb dog use a third and so on. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

Bethkay said...

Wow, I was reading your blog info. on castor oil and now I'm shocked to see you mention this! I just got done holding a hot wash cloth with castor oil on my dog's ear. I didn't even know it was called a hematoma until I read your article! He was acting like something was wrong and we finally figured out his ear was swollen. I was hoping that castor oil would help. At first, he acted like it really hurt and then he seemed to really enjoy having the castor oil on it. I let him lick some of it too and he wanted more - LOL! I can't wait to see if this helps by morning and will avoid a trip to the vet!
thanks for a great article - really appreciated it.

EarthMama said...

It took 3 days for our dog's ear to return to normal so you may not see results over 1 night but keep at it, at least 3 times a day. Everyone is different but I would venture to say that if you are seeing some improvement, keep going until the issue is completely resolved, even if it takes a little longer.

Bethkay said...

Thanks for the info. It does look better this morning, but still does have some swelling. He obviously is feeling better, as he isn't "stuck" to me like he was all day yesterday!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing information here as my boxer dog is suffering from the same,today morning I saw swell on ear & went to a vet, he advice for surgury but after reading this experience I will definitely try castor oil method & hope it would help.I want to keep away my dog for painful surgery.

Thanks for sharing

Heta Trivedi said...


Thanks for Sharing this my boxer dog is suffering from same & I took him to the vet,he advice for surgery since I want to keep away my dog from painful surgery I will definitely try castor oil method.

Hope this would help!!!!

Keep sharing😄

Ann Cumilang said...

I'm going to try this my dog has aural hematoma and surgery is not an option for me, i think its too painful plus i heard that if you drain the blood it will come back after few days. I hope that this can answer my baby's ear problem.
Thanks in advance

Melissa Massey said...

How much caster oil and drops of lavender did you mix

EarthMama said...

10-20 drops per 2oz of castor oil. Or you can just use the castor oil blend on the My Recipes page.

Shane & Melissa Mahaffey said...

Thank you for this! My poor lab has this now and we are trying this right now. This article set me at ease.