Friday, April 17, 2020

Natural Protocol for Group B Strep

Let me start by saying, once again, that I am not a doctor, in any way, shape or form.  As a mother of 4, I've been around the birth block a few times and for my last birth, I opted on a homebirth.  I had tested GBS positive for my 3 previous births and subsequently, was pumped full of antibiotics which wreaked havoc on my system and my baby's.  So, for the last birth, I decided not to even be tested, although the probability was high that I would also be positive this time.  I began researching the safest ways of going about this and then pieced together some things that midwives had had success with and I began taking this protocol about 4 weeks before the birth.  I am sharing this as something that worked for me.  I had no internal exams, whatsoever, before my daughter arrived in this world.  I ate healthy, took the protocol and hoped for the best.  We had no issues, thankfully, and I would definitely go this route again.  However, if you are considering taking the same path I took, I encourage you to do your own research.  Thoroughly exam the risks, as well as the benefits, and decide for yourself if this is something you feel comfortable doing.  We were already living a more natural lifestyle at that point and all my children were relatively healthy.  I had never had any complications in my pregnancies or deliveries.  It worked for me.  Wishing you the best and a safe, healthy, happy delivery!

Daily GBS Regimen
(Start 4-6 weeks before due date)
EHB: 1 capsule 4x/day
Vitamin C: 500mg 4x/day
Propolis: 1 capsule 4x/day
Silver: 1 tsp 3x/day between meals
Primal Defense: 2 pill 3x/day before meals
Tea Tree/Lavender externally each night starting 2 weeks before due date

More information that I saved but because it was over 13 years ago, I'm not sure where it came from:

EHB by NF Formulas given over a 10 day period (6 caps per day) (E.H.B. by NF Formulas, Inc.), and Tea tree oil vaginal suppositories 3 to 4 x daily for that time (see above). This mom was re-tested at two weeks after positive culture (3 to 4 days after last EHB taken), two weeks after that (2 1/2 weeks after first positive culture), and on one occasion was tested again 2 1/2 weeks later (5 weeks after positive culture) because of a prolonged ROM with no labor.

Another midwife had a case of a mom's GBS culture at 36 weeks yielded a result of 2+ colonization, which was the same at 38 weeks. She had her take 500mg Vitamin C every 4 waking hours, 1 EHB (NF Formulas) capsule every 4 waking hours, Propolis 4x daily, and she inserted a tampon soaked in 2% Tea Tree oil solution (2% Tea Tree essential oil, 98% Olive oil). She left the tampon in for 4 hours each day for 6 days. Culture at 39 weeks was negative for GBS. She had a long labor, a high leak for 72 hours, then a rapid active phase and 2nd stage, healthy baby, normal placenta, and normal recovery. The midwife has become a believer in Tea Tree oil for a variety of infections, though in this case she believes it acted synergistically with the other natural therapies the mother used. She has used it as a spray on throat infections, as well as for vaginal yeast, trichomonas, and gardnerella, all with great success. Not much is seen about Tea Tree oil in midwifery literature, but it may well be worth a try for other GBS+ moms who are averse to standard antibiotic therapy.

·  Another recommendation for GBS:

1. Boost Vitamin C in your diet, such as eating 2 grapefruit per day. Other good sources of Vit C: red peppers, oranges, kiwi fruit.

2. Drink a cup of Echinacea tea or take 2 capsules of echinacea every day
3. Get extra sleep before midnight. Slow down your schedule. Take it easy and eat well. Follow a nutritious Pregnancy Diet.

4. Take 3 teaspoons of Colloidal Silver per day. Take it between meals. Hold the liquid in your mouth a few minutes before swallowing. Colloidal Silver can be purchased in most health food stores. It is silver suspended in water. It is antibiotic in nature and safe in pregnancy.

5. Plan ahead for extra warmth after the birth for both you and baby. Hot water bottles, heating pads, hot packs, and big towels dried in a hot dryer during the pushing phase--will all help you and baby keep extra toasty after birth and reduce stress. Have a friend or family member assigned to be in charge of the "Mother/baby warmth team".

6. The colostrum from your breasts is the best antibiotic treatment your baby could ever get. The colostrum is very important for your baby. Breastfeeding your baby is the best thing you can do to keep your baby healthy since you pass on your immunities to your baby through the breast milk.

7. Other good prevention tips: Keep vaginal exams to a minimum--0 is best. Do not permit artificial rupture of the membranes. After the membranes have broke, keep vaginal exams to a minimum, again 0 is best if possible. If not possible, use extreme care and sterile technique if an exam is absolutely necessary. Any exam has the possibility of introducing GBS into the cervix of the mother if she has a positive GBS test result. Do not allow children of other families to visit the new baby for the first 3 weeks. Keep your older kids healthy so they are not sneezing and coughing on new baby.

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