Websites  Great prices on tons of natural products.  I purchase my Castor oil, colloidal silver, liquid vitamin D, parasite tincture and a bunch of other stuff from there.  Use code "CAN094" to receive $5 off your first order.  Lots of great info on raising your goats naturally.  Her herb shop, Molly's Herbals, has some great products too.  I ordered her Herbal Wormer.  Another great website with recipes for homemade cures.  This is where I got the idea for my homemade drench.  I just wanted a little more nutritional content so I modified the recipe.  This is where I buy my bulk herbs, such as the herbs I use for making my Immune Tincture and Lymph Drainer Tincture.  Great prices and fast shipping.  This is a great site for all things chicken.  I find tons of great info on the forums.  Find answers to life's big questions.