My Recipes

Homemade Drench:  2 oz Hemp Oil (or other oil, such as corn), 2 oz Molasses, 1 oz Corn Syrup (optional), 1/2 T bee pollen (crushed to powder), 1/2 T kelp.  Mix all ingredients and store in glass jar.  I refrigerate mine.

Castor Oil Blend (Fix-All): 2 oz Castor oil, 10 drops each of lavender and tea tree essential oils and 5 drops chamomile essential oil (or a blend of chamomile and a carrier oil).  Mix well and use often!

Immune Tincture:  Into a large jar put 2 oz of the following herbs (I will give you the spoon amount in case you don't have a scale): 2 oz (or 2 T) of astragalus, echinacea, bupleurum, and Siberian ginseng; 2 oz (or 5 T) of pau d'arco; 2 oz (or 3 T) of licorice.  Cover with an 80 proof alcohol (we use Vodka) and let sit for 2 weeks.  Store in a cool, dark place and be sure to shake the jar each day.  At the end of 2 weeks, strain out the herbs and reserve the liquid.  We store ours in dark, glass bottles.  We take a dropper full a day (30 drops) for adults, 15 drops a day for big kids and 7 drops a day for little kids.  Dose animals by weight, assuming the normal dosage is for a 150lb adult.  During an active infection, take 4 to 6 times a day.      

Lymph Drainer Tincture:  1/2 teaspoon each tinctures of mullien leaves, echinacea root, prickly ash bark, red clover flowers and cleavers leaves.  Follow directions above for immune tincture.  Take 1/2 dropperful 4 to 8 times daily during active infection.  Can be taken along with immune tincture.

Magic Burn Remedy:  (Adapted from Aloe Burn Spray recipe in Herbs for Health and Healing) After rinsing area with cool water, gently pat dry and apply the following. Into a small container, mix the contents of one vitamin E capsule or 20 drops of vitamin E oil, 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 T of aloe vera gel (use the purest stuff you can find or scrape aloe out of the plant).  Apply at least 3 times a day.  Cover before bedtime with gauze after applying burn remedy.  (The original recipe calls for 4oz of aloe vera juice, 1/2 t of vitamin E oil or 2 capsules and 1/8t of lavender.  Pour into a spritzer bottle and spray on as needed.  I would probably store in the fridge.  I store mine in the fridge because the cold feels good.

Elderberry Syrup:  

1 C dried elderberries
2 T rosehips
2 cinnamon sticks or 1T ground
5 cloves
1 t dried ginger
1 t vanilla (optional)
4 C water
2 C honey

Place all ingredients,  except honey, in a pan and over medium low heat, simmer for 20 minutes or until mixture is reduced by about half.  Strain, allow to cool and add honey.  Store in an air-tight container in the fridge.  Honey is not recommended for children under one.  I personally put mine in a cool, dark place for 2 or 3 days before refrigerating to allow it to ferment and it never molds in the fridge.

Essential Oil Blends (from Herbs for Health and Healing):  

Anti-anxiety Fragrance
4 ounces sweet almond oil
10 drops each lavender and orange essential oils
2 drops each marjoram and cedarwood essential oils

Combine ingredients and it’s done! (Note: I added ylang ylang and omitted marjoram)

Anti-sorrow Fragrance

4 ounces sweet almond oil
10 drops marjoram essential oil
5 drops each clary sage and cypress or rosemary essential oils
1 drop hyssop essential oil (expensive, so it’s optional)
1 drop melissa (or lemon) essential oil

Combine ingredients.

Anti-depressant Fragrance
4 ounces sweet almond oil
10 drops each bergamot and petitgrain essential oils
3 drops rose geranium essential oil
1 drop neroli essential oil (expensive, so it’s optional)

Combine ingredients. For children, replace petitgrain with grapefruit or tangerine.